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The Forest range was the second wave of Medieval and was released in 2003.


Lost Fortress (78590) - 2003

Imagine… a mystical forest hideout where strange and brave forest dwellers defend themselves against invaders intent on their destruction. Now the Imaginext Lost Fortress brings the adventure to life—with a system of building panels kids can snap together almost any way imaginable. So they can create a whole new adventure every time they play! The hidden arrow launchers really fire and tree branches really collapse when hit! Includes 2 mystical forest characters, the Chieftain and the Centaur.


Pieces: 2 large half height grey rock pieces, 2 tree trunks with shields and collapsing branches, 2 tree tops with opening doors, 1 full height brown tree wall, 1 half height brown tree wall, 2 three quarter height green leaf walls, 2 small half height grey rock sections, 9 brown triangle platforms.

Accessories: 2 rope ladders, 2 crossbows, 4 red arrows, 2 yellow flags, brown owl, 3 overhanging leaf pieces.

Figures and Accessories: Forest man, cloak with head dress, brown sword, brown bow and arrow, centaur, centaur armour, gold shield, gold bow and arrow, gold spear.


Attack Wagon (78437) - 2003

Imagine... a fearsome Attack Wagon, navigated by a troll warrior, making its way to the castle through the dead of night. Their mission? Surprise attack! They ready the tower to scale the castle walls and begin to drill into the stone fortifications when suddenly...


Accessories: Wagon base, wagon back, wagon front, 2 sets red spinning balls, 1 red spinning drill.

Figures and Accessories: Green troll, troll armour, black sword, black shield.


Battle Charger (78514) - 2003

Imagine...The Battle Charger and Elf Warrior with a double-firing arrow launcher, ready to lead the woodland creatures against their enemies!  The Elf Warrior fires the arrow launcher in one direction when a band of robbers surprise him from behind.


Accessories: Gold snake, double crossbow, 2 red arrows.

Figures and Accessories: Forest man, cloak with deer head, gold crossbow, god sword, black horse, gold horse head armour, gold horse body armour.


Minotaur (78517)  -2003

Imagine... A Minotaur, legendary monster with the head of a bull, striking fear into the hearts of anyone who ventures into his forest. Armed with sledgehammer, shield and his elk by his side, he sees a royal coach riding down the forest path...


Figures and Accessories: 1 man, minotaur mask, gold hammer, gold shied, gold standard, deer.


Troll Warrior (78516) - 2003

A Troll Warrior, legendary in the forest for his courage and cunning. He and his wolf are the sentinels of the forest, armed and ready to do battle with trespassers when suddenly, they hear the thunder of horses....


Accessories: Black bird.

Figures and Accessories: Red troll, troll armour and cloak, black sword, black shield, wolf, wolf armour.




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